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Pickens County Board of Education
Name Title Email Address
Tucker Green Chairman tuckergreen@pickenscountyschools.org
Steve Smith Vice Chairman stevensmith@pickenscountyschools.org
Donna Enis Board Member donnaenis@pickenscountyschools.org
Sue Finley Board Member suefinley@pickenscountyschools.org
Joeta Youngblood Board Member joetayoungblood@pickenscountyschools.org



Distinguished School Board Badge
Recognized by the Georgia School Boards Association’s (GSBA)
as a 2014 Distinguished School Board.


The recognition program was designed to showcase best practices in school governance and leadership.  GSBA recognizes good school board governance to foster educational community cultures in order to advance student learning and achievement. 


The GSBA Governance Team Recognition Program was developed by Georgia superintendents and board members based on the state board of education’s standards for effective governance to recognize exemplary leadership. 
In 1998, the Georgia School Boards Association was one of the first school board associations in the nation to develop a program of standards for local boards of education. 

The GSBA Board recognition program is a three-year, three tiered program beginning with the Quality Board status.  For more information on the program you may visit the GSBA website for awards and recognition or click here to view the criteria for all tiers of the program.


The Board’s Role

Georgia law says that the board’s legal functions include:

  • Hiring and evaluating the superintendent
  • Hiring and assigning all employees upon the recommendation of the superintendent
  • Sitting as a court to decide local controversies involving school law
  • Dismissing and suspending employees recommended by the superintendent
  • Approving the local budget for submission to the Georgia State Board of Education
  • Levying the local educational millage rate to support the approved budget
  • Caring for all school system property including purchase, construction, lease, repair, and sale of such property
  • Approval of all contracts binding the local school system (In order to make the business of the school system function more effectively, many school systems delegate a portion of this authority to the superintendent and/or the finance director through local policy.  However, the board still must give final approval to such contracts.)
  • Making the policies and rules necessary to govern the school system
  • Adopting a plan for the assignment of pupils.  (This includes establishing, reorganizing, consolidating, and closing of schools as well as determining which grade levels are assigned to each school.)
  • Insuring that the superintendent, principals, and other employees handling school money are bonded
  • Sitting as an appellate court in student disciplinary matters.


These legal functions of a school board are important and may consume a great deal of the school board’s time and energy; however, there are other roles for the school board to play that may be even more important in assuring school system success.  It is the responsibility of the school board to ensure that the school system is run well.  A school board does this by forming an effective relationship with its superintendent.   

Source:  Georgia School Boards Association


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